Pilot Custom

we have a new member for the Pilot Custom family, the Custom Urushi with #30 nib,

from the left, Custom Urushi, 845, 823, 743, 742, 74, 912, 91 and 92

the higher end models have thicker bands and trims.

the nibs:
Urushi18k30two tone



84518k15two tone


82314k15single tone


74314k15single toneYYYYYYYYYY
74214k10single toneYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
7414k5single toneYYYYYYYYYYY

91214k10single tone rhodium platedYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
9114k5single tone rhodium platedYYYYYYYYY

9214k5single tone rhodium platedYY

all can use the CON-70 converter except 823 and 92.

the dimensions are as follows
Modellength (mm)pen length (mm)diameter (mm)weight (g)pen weight (g)
with CON-70 except 823 and 92

the diameter are measured at the pen cap band.


Montblanc Lucky Orange Ink (2017)

Montblanc Lucky Orange Ink (2017)
Ident Nr 114960
Volume: 30ml
Production: Austria


Montblanc Special Ink

here is a summary of Montblanc Special Ink released in recent years,

Year Ident. Nr. Name Color Volume Production Scented Remark Bottle imprint
2005 36032 Je t'aime Ruby Red 30ml France Rose Love Letter
2005 38272 Season's Greetings Chocolate Brown 30ml Germany Cookies & Spice
509 1
2006 101265 Season's Greetings Chocolate Brown 30ml Germany Cinnamon
Jul 11
2007 102042 Sakura Cherry Red 30ml Germany Cherry Blossom Japan 
2007 102092 Season's Greetings Deep Red 30ml Germany Fine Vanilla
AUG 12
2008 103023 Love You Ruby Red 30ml Germany Rose Love Letter 07032 
NOV 12
2008 104152 White Forest Dark Green 30ml Germany Pinewood Season's Greetings 8007 
Aug 13
2009 105799 Mahatma Gandhi Saffron 50ml Germany
Great Characters 0911 
AUG 14
2009 106158 White Forest Dark Green 30ml Austria Pinewood Season's Greetings 9014 
Sep 14
2010 106925 Mahatma Gandhi Saffron 60ml Austria
Great Characters 1020-Mar 15/Made in Austria
2011 106926 Carlo Collodi Brown 35ml Austria
Writer 2011 1117-Jun16
Made in Austria
2011 106927 Ink of Love Red 30ml Austria

1112-Apr16/Made in Austria 
2011 106928 Ink of Joy Orange 30ml Austria

1112-Apr16/Made in Austria 
2011 106929 Ink of Friendship Turquoise 30ml Austria

1112-Apr16/Made in Austria 
2011 107744 Alfred Hitchcock Red 30ml Austria
Great Characters 1127-Sep16
Made in Austria
2012 107743 Jonathan Swift Seaweed Green 35ml Austria
Writer 2012 1204-Aug17 
encre khaki 
Made in Austria
2012 109090 Meisterstück Diamond Blue 30ml Austria

1203-Aug17/Made in Austria 
MST DIAMOND bleue 30ml 
Ident.Nr. 109090
2012 109290 Winter Glow Red 30ml Austria

1206-Sep17/Made in Austria 
Winter Glow rouge 30ml 
Ident.Nr. 109290
2013 107745 Albert Einstein Grey 30ml Austria
Great Characters1207-Sep17/Made in Austria
A. Einstein gris 30ml
Ident.Nr. 107745
2013 109356 Honoré de Balzac Dandy Turquoise 35ml Austria
Writer 20131304-Jun18
encre turquoise
Made in Austria
2013 109357 Leonardo "Red Chalk" Red Brown 30ml Austria
Great Characters1309-Jan19/Made in Austria
LEONARDDO marron-rouge 30ml
2014 111408 Meisterstück 90 Years Permanent Grey 35ml Austria Permanent for Documents1322-Apr19
encre gris
Made in Austria
2014 111410 Daniel Defoe Palmgreen 35ml Austria
Writer 20141412-May19
encre verte
Made in Austria
2014 111409 JFK Navy Blue 30ml Austria
Great Characters1418-Jan20
encre bleue
Made in Austria
2015 111411 Pink Ink Pink 30ml Austria
Promotional Ink1420-Feb20/Made in Austria
30 ml
2015 113116 Meisterstück Blue Hour Twilight Blue 30ml Austria
encre bleue
Made in Austria
2015 112721 Leo Tolstoy Sky Blue 35ml Austria
Writer 20151507-Aug20
encre bleue
Made in Austria
2016 112723 Golden Yellow Yellow 30ml Austria
Promotional Ink1521-Feb21
encre jaune
Made in Austria
encre jaune
Made in Austria
2016 115362 Montblanc for BMW Blue 30ml Austria
encre bleu BMW
Made in Austria
2016 114962 Meisterstück Ultra Black Black 30ml Austria
encre noire
Made in Austria
2016 114959 William Shakespeare Velvet Red 35ml Austria
Writer 20161618-Aug21
encre rouge
Made in Austria
2016 114991 Miles Davis Jazz Blue 30ml Austria
Great Characters1620-N610
encre bleu
Made in Austria
2017 114960 Lucky Orange Orange 30ml Austria
Promotional Ink1624-N612
encre orange
Made in Austria

the packages (up to end of 2016)...

some of them also available as cartridges.
the bottle imprint is a sticker under the bottle, it may contain information about the production and/or expiry date. that may not be same for all bottles.

for color comparison: Montblanc Ink on FPN

update 20110805: added Ink of Love, Joy, and Friendship (2011)
update 20120820: added Montblanc Jonathan Swift Ink (2012)
update 20120831: added Meisterstück Diamond Blue Ink (2012)
update 20121102: added Winter Glow Ink (2012)
update 20130101: added Albert Einstein Ink (2013)
update 20130801: added Honoré de Balzac Ink (2013)
update 20131024: added Leonardo "Red Chalk" Ink (2013)
update 20140401: added Montblanc Meisterstück 90 Years Ink (2014)
update 20140801: added Daniel Defoe Ink (2014)
update 20141201: added JFK Ink (2014)
update 20150327: added Pink Ink (2015)
update 20150625: added Montblanc Meisterstück Blue Hour Ink (2015)
update 20150724: added Love Letter Inks (2005, 2008)
update 20150725: added Sakura Ink (2007)
update 20150725: added White Forest Inks (2008, 2009)
update 20150725: added Season's Greetings Scented Inks (2005-2009)
update 20150725: added Mahatma Gandhi Inks (2009, 2010)
update 20150801: added Leo Tolstoy Ink (2015)
update 20160130: added Golden Yellow Ink (2016)
update 20160311: added Montblanc for BMW Ink (2016)
update 20160701: added Meisterstück Ultra Black (2016)
update 20161024: added William Shakespeare (2016)
update 20161228: added Miles Davis (2016)
update 20161230: updated Golden Yellow Ink (2016)
update 20170101: added Lucky Orange (2017)


Montblanc Golden Yellow Ink (2016)

Montblanc Golden Yellow Ink (2016)

Ident. NR: 112723
Volume: 30ml
Production: Austria

there are actually two batches of Montblanc Golden Yellow Ink (2016)

you can tell the difference when they are still in bottle,

different batches may have different expiry date,

hmm.. well the color are almost the same...

Problem with Montblanc Golden Yellow Ink Cartridges on Fountain Pen Network
they actually have different smell ....

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